Personal Projects

When I'm not at work or school, I'm always working on something! Ever since I was young, I've always been fascinated by mechanical things, and that continues today in projects like vintage automobiles, boats, drones, and more.

1970 Mandella Short Deck

One of the biggest contributions to my practical mechanical education has been the purchase of a 1970 Mandella jet boat. Originally built for high performance boating and waterskiing, this boat had been stored in a barn for 21 years before I found it. Since aquiring the boat, some of the work I've done includes:

-  Complete engine rebuild, with modifications such as a hydraulic-roller camshaft and digital ignition system.

- Rewiring of the boat's electrical infrastructure including gauges, pumps, and ignition systems.

Marine V-Drive Bearing Housing

This custom designed bearing housing was designed to adapt a marine Walther V-Drive power tranmission unit from the original "gimbal" style input shaft, to a fixed angle input shaft with the addition of a pressurized oiling system to improve bearing life. I designed the housing in SolidWorks, and machined it using a manual lathe and CNC mill. The assembled housing was then installed and tested on the boat, and has been functioning flawlessly since!

FPV Racing Drone

After taking interest in UAV's, I built and flew an FPV racing drone to gain more experience in small flying vehicles as well as component selection, wiring, and configuration.

1996 Dodge Ram 2500

Since purchasing my first car, I've taken on a number of projects related increasing the performance of the engine, powertrain, and suspension of the vehicle.

Some of this work includes:

- Engine modifcation for greater performance, including injection pump, valvetrain, and turbocharger components.

- Front and rear differential swap (larger diameter ring and pinion, limited slip differentials).

- Suspension modification featuring modern-style trackbar, custom swaybar mounting points, and increased ride height.

-Installation and wiring of multiple engine monitoring systems including exhaust gas temp (EGT), manifold pressure, and transmission temperature.

- Complete interior overhaul including new dashboard, seat upholstery, stereo wiring, sound dampening material, etc.

- 6 speed manual transmission swap (in progress).

Various Design/Machining Projects

Throughout the years of various projects, I've had the opportunity to design and machine a bunch of neat parts for myself or friends!