Professional Experience

Currently serving as a STEM Instructor at the Department of Defense STARBASE, I work the development of hands-on science curriculum for grades 4-12, emphasizing physics, engineering, and chemistry. My role includes mentoring students from several local high schools in rocketry competitions, implementing a SOLIDWORKS-based 3D modeling curriculum, and contributing to various aspects of aerospace engineering.

In a previous role as a Mechanical Engineering Intern at MEC Aerial Work Platforms, I played a vital part in SolidWorks design and drafting for large aerial work platforms. My responsibilities extended to creating Qualification Testing Plans and Engineering Change Notices, contributing to the safety and consistency of internationally produced models. These experiences have not only enriched my technical expertise but have allowed me to make meaningful contributions to global-scale projects.

STEM Instructor - STARBASE Los Alamitos

As a STEM instructor at STARBASE Los Alamitos, my role focuses on providing the highest quality science and engineering education possible across a multitude of topics.

Highlights from my time at STARBASE include:

- Mentoring students competing in The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC) and high-power rocketry competitions, including work with composite materials, 3D modeling and CFD simulations, additive manufacturing, machining, data analysis, and general rocketry principles and techniques.

- Weather Balloon program development including curriculum design/implementation, launch safety procedures, and logistical tasks.

- Establishment of a machine shop facility featuring a CNC Mill, Lathe, 3D Printers, Waterjet, Laser Cutter, and a fully furnished set of hand tools.

- Collaboratory work with USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Congresswoman Michelle Steel, and other STARBASE sites.

Mechanical Engineering Intern - MEC Aerial Work Platforms

During my tenure at MEC Aerial Work Platforms as a Mechanical Engineering Intern, I contributed to the design and drafting of large aerial work platforms using SolidWorks. I played a key role in creating Qualification Testing Plans for pre-production models, ensuring consistency and safety across globally produced machines. Additionally, my responsibilities extended to generating Engineering Change Notices, covering part and assembly modifications as well as sensor and machine function wiring diagrams. This experience not only refined my technical skills but also allowed me to make impactful contributions to projects with global implications.